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The Stone Mountain Memorial Association (SMMA), a State of Georgia authority, is responsible for Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park.

SMMA was created in 1958 by an Act of the Georgia Legislature. This legislation, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 12-3-190 is also known as the “Stone Mountain Memorial Association Act”. From its original creation and through amendments to the Act, the purpose of the Association is for the proper development, management, preservation, and protection of Stone Mountain as a Confederate Memorial and public recreation area.

SMMA’s Role

Since 1998, SMMA has operated Stone Mountain Park through a long-term public/private partnership with Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation (HFEC), a private corporation that manages all commercial operations within the Park; lodging, attractions, retail, and special events. As part of the public/private partnership, HFEC has a management agreement with Marriott for management of Stone Mountain Park’s two hotels and golf courses. SMMA supervises the lease with HFEC, manages and maintains all public areas; the Natural District which makes up two-thirds of the Park and includes the Mountain itself, roadways, utilities, provides public safety services, and supports historical and environmental education.

SMMA is guided, in part, by two documents.

The first is Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park Master Plan, adopted by SMMA in December 1992 and amended in August 2005. The purpose of this document is to guide Stone Mountain Park through planning and development, now and into the future. In 1958, the first Master Plan was written and has been amended as necessary through the August 2005 Plan.

A full copy of the August 2005 Stone Mountain Park Master Plan.

Second, is the Stone Mountain Park Land Management Plan. This Plan is a living document that is continually reviewed and revised as necessary. Its purpose is to assist and guide in the protection and enhancement of the Park’s natural resources.

A summary copy of the Stone Mountain Park Land Management Plan.

The full version the Stone Mountain Park Land Management Plan may be viewed, by appointment, at the Confederate Hall Building inside Stone Mountain Park.