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Public Notices

October 2023 Board Meeting

By Blog, Public Notices

October 16, 2023

LOCATION: Evergreen Conference Center
Cherry Meeting Room
TIME: 11:00 AM

1. Meeting called to order by Chairman.
2. Roll Call requested by Chairman to determine quorum.
3. Approval of Minutes.
Approval of the minutes of the September 18, 2023 Meeting.
4. Public Comment.
Persons wishing to comment must be scheduled prior to the meeting.
Individual comments will be limited to 5 speakers at 3 minutes each.
5. Thrive SMP Report.
6. Finance Report.
7. SMMA Services Report.
8. SMMA Public Safety Report.
9. Executive Session.
10.New Business
SMMA members and CEO may bring new items to the attention of the Board.
11.Old Business.
SMMA members and CEO may bring up items previously considered and not resolved.
12. Adjournment.