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Hiking Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is host to over 10 miles of maintained hiking trails than span a variety of habitats including granite outcrops, mixed hardwood forests, and lake edge. Hike to the top of the mountain on our most strenuous trail or take a stroll on the easiest, the Songbird Habitat Trail or any level of difficulty in between.The park also offers 8 miles of sidewalks for joggers and walkers.

Stone Mountain Hiking Trails

Do your part to conserver this amazing natural resource in Metro-Atlanta. Please practice Leave No Trace (LNT) principles when hiking on all trails at Stone Mountain Park. When traveling on exposed portions of the mountain, avoid stepping on soils, lichens, and plants by staying on the trail and stepping on solid rock only.

Cherokee Trail

5 mile loop |White Blaze |Dirt Tread, Moderate | Dogs on Leash | Map

Traveling on Stone Mountain’s longest trail, hikers will experience a variety of different habitats, walk under the Confederate Memorial Carving, cross over the mountain, pass through the Grist Mill Historical Gardens and get away from the crowds at the same time. Connect with Indian Island to add 1 mile.

King’s Trail at Indian Island

¾ Mile Loop Trail |Purple Blaze | Dirt Tread: Easy |Dogs on Leash | Map

Traverse the shores of Stone Mountain Lake by way of Indian Island on this trail named in honor of 19th century African American bridge builder Horace King. Experience a unique part of the park that was once a high bluff surrounded by two streams before the creation of the park’s biggest lake.

Mvskoke En’nenuce : Trail of the Muscogee

1.5 Mile Loop Trail |Blue Blaze| Dirt Tread: Moderate Terrain | Dogs on Leash | Map

Located between two finger coves of Stone Mountain Lake, this trail climbs a ridge and then descends along an undeveloped part of the lake, providing peaceful views and cool breezes. With the blessing of the Principal Chief of the Muscogee Nation, we are privileged to name this trail in honor of the areas original inhabitants.

Nature Garden Trail

¾ Mile Loop Trail | Green Blaze |Dirt Tread: Easy, Family Friendly | Dogs on Leash | Map

Begin this loop trail at a native plant garden with interpretive signage, and then make your way through a mature Oak-Hickory forest crisscrossed by a lively stream and many seeps that drain from the mountain’s impervious surface. Be on the lookout for the Big Leaf Magnolia, the largest single leaf in North America. Connect to the Cherokee Trail here to add 5 more miles of trail.

Songbird and Woodland Trails

1 Mile Trail Each | Red Blaze | Easy to Moderate, Dirt, Grass Tread | No Dogs Allowed | Map

Site of the 1996 Olympic Velodrome and Archery Course, this area was converted to a wildlife habitat providing invaluable field habitat for a variety of songbirds and other opportunistic animals and plants looking for a sunny meadow environment. Take your choice of a 1 mile loop through the meadow or a 1 mile loop through the forest…or both! Dawn and dusk are the best time to view birds and other wildlife feeding on the native species that grow there. Dogs are not allowed due to nesting birds.

Walk-Up Trail

1 mile | Yellow Blaze | Strenuous, Rock Tread | No Dogs Allowed | Map

Hike to the summit of Stone Mountain by way of the Walk-Up Trail! Following the gentlest slope on the west side of the mountain through a granite outcrop plant community, this trail climbs 786 feet in one mile before reaching the top. This trail is very strenuous and in full sun; please be prepared with water, sunscreen and proper footwear. The trail is extremely slippery when wet and should be avoided. Connect with the Cherokee Trail to add 5 miles of trail and scenery.

Connector Trails

¼ mile – 1mile |Orange Blaze | Dirt Tread, Easy to Moderate |Dogs On Leash | Map

There are 8 Connector Trail locations that when taken that will connect to other trails, either adding or shortening distances on loop trails or connecting two different trails. Use Connector Trails from Confederate Hall to avoid the slippery sections of the Cherokee Trail over the mountain.